Years ago I would have been the last person to think of pursuing a Mary Kay career.  I was a full- time college student, just a breath away from an engineering degree.  I love math and science and did not wear make-up and had bad acne. What happened was I got married, moved up to Washington and had to put school off for  a year to establish residency. While out shopping one day I was met by a consultant.
I got together with her for a facial and heard some really great things about Mary Kay and signed up on the spot for something fun to do in my life. When I purchased my starter kit I had no intention of doing Mary Kay full time as a career. I went to Career Conference and my perspective changed on the entire business and I saw this as something I could achieve. If all those other women could do it, I can too? (That is WHY you HAVE to go to company events!!!)
 Not knowing a single person in Washington I came home from that event determined to find a way to make this business work. Once you make that decision 
it is amazing how you will go through whatever it takes to get it done!
I built my business from warm chattering and referrals and in 10 months became a director and earned my first free car with the company. I decided to take the cash, but then 2 months later earned our second car and took a platinum Grand Prix. I LOVED having a FREE car and kept the momentum up and we went right on to our Pink Cadillac just 6 months later! Driving pink and FREE is amazing, do whatever it takes to get there. I love being my own boss, and working for myself. Because I did the work my husband and I were able to move to Colorado and let him pursue something he loves. Do you know how much my Husband and I love to pick up our "Pink Cadillac's"?? It is so gorgeous!!
You will encounter obstacles and disappointments along the way but the women
 you meet and the benefits of this business both financially and emotionally are worth EVERY bit of it! Be persistent and do not give up and you too will be driving 
one of those cars and making all the money you want! This business truly does offer
 it all but we have to be willing to do the work!!!